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I have noticed a significant increase recently in people on social media and other websites offering fake IELTS certificates (also known as IELTS Test Report Forms). These are scammers:


Beware scammers on Facebook offering fake IELTS certificates!

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Beware Fake Certificates!

Luckily these offers are pretty easy to spot:

  • They often guarantee you a high band score (no one can guarantee you that!).

  • They claim you will receive a ‘verified IELTS certificate’ without even taking the test (like winning the lottery without buying a ticket!).

  • They suggest they have insider contacts within British Council or IDP to help you (this is just bullshit).

What is guaranteed is that they will ask for a large fee and the certificate that you will get will be FAKE and useless, and the immigration department or university you apply to will verify your result online and reject your application.

Worse than that, they may blacklist (ban) you, so you won’t be able to re-apply to that university or country in the future!

We strongly recommend that you just ignore these scammers, and even better report them to security.ielts@idp.com



Beware Fake Registration Websites!

We are also aware that there are more and more websites pretending to be British Council IELTS registration sites. These websites are trying to carry out identity fraud by stealing your personal information.

Therefore, we recommend that before you enter any personal details, please make sure that you are using the official and secure British Council or IDP sites in your country. You can access them here:

British Council Online Registration System

IDP Online Registration System


Beware fake registration websites. Only use official British Council or IDP sites.



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