Hi everyone! Today’s word is perception /pəˈsɛpʃən/. Perception is how you view the world. It means the same thing as viewpoint, but we use it in different situations.

We often say that there is a different from perception and reality.

How do your friends see you? Maybe they think you are really hard-working. But in fact you are lazy. In that case, there is a difference between perception and reality: they think you are hard-working but in fact you are lazy.

Some common collocations for perception are: public perception, relationship between perception and reality, reinforces the perception, change someone’s perception.

Here are some example sentences using the collocations:

The public perception of Donald Trump is that his life is chaotic.

The relationship between perception and reality changes depending on how well you know a person.

People think I’m lazy and I reinforce that perception by falling asleep at work all the time.

To change everyone’s perception of me I need to drink coffee and stay awake.

 Here I am on our YouTube Channel hanging out by the river and telling you about ‘Perception.’

Here’s a famous quote: ‘Facts matter not at all. Perception is everything.’ Stephen Colbert.

Now it’s your turn! Put your answers in the comments.

What is your friends’ perception of you?

Hard-working? Lazy? Friendly? Kind? Evil?



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