This is a question I see A LOT on online groups, and there seems to be a lot of misinformation about it. Some students suggest that taking your test with one is easier than the other. The short answer is there is NO difference between taking your test with British Council or with IDP. Check out this article for a longer explanation of why they are the same.

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Who owns IELTS?

IELTS is owned by Cambridge English Language Assessment, British Council and IDP. Cambridge writes the test and British Council and IDP deliver the test. All three organisations work together as one company to make sure the test is the same in all countries, regardless of whether you book your test through British Council or IDP.

Are British Council and IDP Examiners the Same?

For writing and speaking the examiners at BC and IDP have been given exactly the same training, they ask the same questions, they use the same marking criteria and they will be monitored regularly using the same system to make sure they are following the same standards. In fact some examiners work for IDP and British Council in the same town or city. So this is clear evidence that it’s the same.

Are the BC and IDP Reading and Listening Exams Scored the Same?

For the reading and listening exams, local staff mark the same tests following the same answer keys from Cambridge. So, again this is the same for BC and IDP.

In Conclusion 

So it’s pretty damn clear that the exam is exactly the same. If anyone tells you that taking your test with IDP or BC is better because you will get a higher score then they are telling you a porkie. But if you have any real evidence that supports this then please message us.

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