This is an IELTS speaking sample test – you will notice that the style is not exactly like the real IELTS speaking exam.

I have let her talk a little longer (so that I have more to correct) and I am taking notes while she talks (the examiner will not do this on the real exam).

But otherwise, it is basically what you can expect on your speaking exam and this student is a really strong candidate – a band 8 or maybe band 8.5. In a few years, she’ll be band 9 for sure!

The video is here and the correction notes are also below.

Here are the notes that I am typing in the video as well:

This is a really impressive test for a lot of reasons.

Not only can the candidate speak fluently, with very natural pronunciation, but her level of detail is amazing!

Notice how specific her ideas are, especially in part 2.

You should try to copy that same attention to detail.

Don’t speak generally on your IELTS exam – add in as much specific detail as possible.

Notice how much that separates her speaking from other candidates – it will have the same effect for you and really distinguish you from other test-takers on IELTS!

Let me know if you have any comments below!

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