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Before you make your IELTS study plan you need to know 2 things.

First, read here to determine what your current level and IELTS band score is.

Next, take a look at approximately how long it will take you to get the score you need.

Those are just estimates, of course. But now you have some idea of where you are and the realistic timeframe for reaching your goal.

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The best way to reach your goal quickly is to put in more hours every day, every week and every month – all under a yearly plan.

A day is made up of various units just like the human body is made of body parts, muscles, tissues and cells. Each day breaks down into parts of the day, hours, minutes and seconds. Focus on each individual second and the boundaries of ‘day’ expand dramatically and you will have more time than you originally thought.

This is more important than signing up for an IELTS class at a school. Self-study is better than taking a class because you will be responsible for your own learning and take a more active (rather than passive) role in your improvement.

So let’s go through a sample plan together. I recommend that you buy a new notebook and start now!



Sample Study Plan

Here’s my new notebook and I’m going to put my current level and goal on the cover and the date when I am starting.

You can include an end date for your goal – but it must be realistic or it will be demotivating. Again, check out the links at the top if you’re not sure about your current level and time frame.




On the first page I’m putting a daily and monthly overview of what I’ll be doing. I don’t expect to keep to this exactly, but it will still be helpful. You might want to add a weekly one as well.



Here comes the important part – all the days and hours! The above plans will help you stay organized but this is the engine to your car.

If you don’t put in the daily work the car won’t go anywhere!

Here I write down first what I plan to do for the day. Then later in the day I tick the things that I did and make an X for the things I didn’t do. Don’t feel bad about what you didn’t do. Your attitude to your mistakes will determine your IELTS success.


The most important part of your plan is that you update it consistently. Even if you did nothing – write it down.

Here is the full video process and some advice from me:


A Better Way

The above method is very traditional and suits a lot of people. Most people like to plan things out in advance of doing them. But I think there’s a better way. I think it’s a bad habit to plan things out so I don’t use checklists that often.

A better habit, in my opinion, is to keep track of your work after you do it rather than making a checklist before. This way you won’t get the feeling of accomplishment, peace, and satisfaction that comes with making a checklist.

Instead, briefly sketch out in your head some of the things you want to get done. Maybe jot them down – it’s not a problem to make some notes. But get started doing them right away!

At the end of the day, write down all the things that you did.

This way, you will always be focused on getting things done, not on planning things out.

Don’t stress too much when your plans don’t work out – laugh about it and get back to work!

Take some inspiration from my favorite cartoonist, Chris Hallbeck:

Find out more about Chris Hallbeck here: https://linktr.ee/chrishallbeck

You’ll soon get into the habit of getting more done because otherwise you’ll be facing a disappointed, accusatory blank page at the end of the day. That angry blank page will be the reason you don’t get the score you want.

But if you can fill up that page with accomplishments by the end of everyday and make that page happy, that will be the reason that you do reach your goal!

Best of luck!

Comment below – what score do you need to get on IELTS?

You can use these phrases to help write your comments:

I really need a …

I’d like to get …

If I don’t get … I won’t be able to …

In the next … months, I have to have a band …

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