Hang around is another very common but natural (and idiomatic) phrasal verb. It’s quite versatile so it can be used in a range of part 1 speaking topics.

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So for example if you are asked about shopping you can say you like to hang around town or at the mall. If you’re asked about books, you can reply that you enjoy just hanging around at the library.

If you’re asked about the countryside, you can say you love spending your weekends, hanging around in the countryside and so on.

Make sure you practise vocab as part of a whole question. You could use notes to help you but don’t rely on them. Don’t learn it word for word.

It should be a different each time – that’s normal.

And remember, your answers don’t have to be 100% true. It’s not a truth test. It’s an English test.

So what does ‘hang around’ mean?  It means: ‘To spend time in a place waiting or not doing anything’.

“Some guys I know like to hang around in bars, chatting to girls. Some girls I know like to hang around town, doing a bit of window shopping. Teenagers seem to love hanging around malls. A lot of people like to hang around in the park or at the beach, just enjoying the atmosphere.”

Now it’s your turn! Put your answers in the comments.

Do you enjoy hanging around places? If so, where and why?

Try practising these questions by yourself. Let me know how it goes!

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