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Abundant /əˈbndənt/

Abundant is a great IELTS vocabulary word and it means a lot of something!

Usually we talk about a natural resource; a country might have abundant coal, resources, wildlife etc.

My salary is abundant, is yours?

Just kidding of course!

Here are some common collocations: abundant evidence, abundant supply, less/more abundant, abundant food, abundant attention. Do you know any others?

Here I am on our YouTube Channel talking a bit more about the word ‘Abundant.’

This is an expression with abundant that is really useful: ___ is abundant. For example, food is abundant, oil is abundant, oil is abundant throughout the Middle East, etc

Abundant is typically used as an adjective before a noun (abundant resources), or at the end of the phrase (oil is abundant).

It can also be used as a noun ‘An abundance of resources’ or an adverb ‘Fruit grows abundantly.’ But these uses are a little less common. If you use them in the IELTS writing or speaking they will count as ‘less common items’ and are part of the band 7 descriptor for vocabulary in both speaking and writing.

Pronunciation (əˈbʌndənt): The stress is on the ‘bun’ and the final sound /t/ is usually dropped.

Here’s an example sentence: Helium is the second most abundant element in our universe. I took it from this IELTS reading

Now it’s your turn! Put your answers in the comments.

In your country, what is the most abundant natural resource?

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