This is an IELTS speaking practice test example from the real IELTS speaking exam.

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Speaking Part 1

Where you Live

  1. Did you like the house you grew up in?
  2. What was your favourite area of the house you grew up in?
  3. Where do you want to live in the future?


  1. Do you prefer to read newspapers or magazines?
  2. Do you like reading the news online?
  3. Is it more convenient nowadays to read the news online?
  4. Do people in your country read the news a lot?


  1. Do you find it hard to concentrate?
  2. What do you do to concentrate better?
  3. Did you concentrate on your studies a lot when you were younger?
  4. Do smartphones make it harder to concentrate?

Speaking Part 2

Talk about a time when you were not allowed to use your phone. Include

When it was


What you did

Speaking Part 3


  1. Should children have phones?
  2. Where can you not use your phone?
  3. Are phones distracting?
  4. Is it common for people to turn off their phone?
  5. Are phone users often rude?


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