This is an IELTS speaking practice test example from the real IELTS speaking exam.

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Speaking Part 1


  1. Why did you choose your job?
  2. How much work do you do in a week?
  3. Do you have to work on weekends as well?


  1. Do you often make lists?
  2. Do you prefer making lists on paper or mobile phones?
  3. Do you make lists before you go shopping?
  4. Why do some people not like making lists?

Famous People

  1. Have you ever met a celebrity?
  2. What kinds of celebrities are you interested in?
  3. Are there any celebrities you would want to interview?

Speaking Part 2

Talk about a typical food that is eaten at special events in your country

What it is

When it is eaten

If you like it

Speaking Part 3

Food & Drink

  1. Is it common to eat with others in your country?
  2. Did you eat with your family a lot?
  3. Should people eat together more often?
  4. What foods are popular at holidays?

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