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The word today is consequently /ˈkɒnsɪkwəntli/. It is an adverb and it means the same thing as ‘so,’ ‘therefore,’ and ‘as a result.’

It is different from ‘so’ because it is very formal and should only be used on the writing test, not the speaking exam.

Consequently can be used in the middle of the sentence (He couldn’t answer the question, consequently we laughed at him). But it is more common at the beginning of the sentence: There is an international shortage of bananas. Consequently, monkey populations around the world are rioting.

The stress for consequently is on the ‘con’ and the ‘quen.’ But you don’t need it for the speaking test so that isn’t really important information. Sorry for making you read it. And for making you read this. And this. Sorry. And that.

Here I am on our YouTube Channel talking, talking, talking about consequently…

Here’s an example sentence:

Because of its lightness, however, most helium vanished from our own planet many years ago. Consequently, only a miniscule proportion – 0.00052%, to be exact – remains in the earth’s atmosphere.

Now it’s your turn! Write a new sentence to follow this sentence in the comments

The makers of the IELTS test are considering changing the writing from handwritten to typed in the next few years. Consequently…

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